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What is a straight bath?

Plumber Edinburgh , A straight bath is just one of the most common bathrooms you'll discover in the UK. Normally built out of acrylic or sometimes steel, it sits on legs which are then concealed by bath panels. Taps are discovered either at one end (in a solitary finished bath) or on one side (in a double ended bathroom).

Orchard square edge solitary finished straight bathroom

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The Orchard square side bath is a fine example of straight, solitary ended bathroom

Before you do anything

Always unbox your bath promptly after delivery. Check for any kind of damage or faults as it's better to discover them now, rather than throughout installment.

Constantly switch off your water at the mains before trying any type of DIY in the bathroom.

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Tools you'll require:

Adjustable wrench

Electric drill with opening cutter

Hack saw


Pipeline cutter

Sealant gun

Spirit level

Standard screwdrivers

Measuring tape

Examine you have the following:

Generally supplied with bath:

Bath tub

Flexible feet

Wall taking care of braces

Manages (if provided).

May need to acquire individually:.

Bathroom waste.

Bath faucet( s).

Will need to buy separately:.

Silicone sealer.

Time to finish:.

1 day.

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Just how much will a Tradesperson generally charge?

₤ 190– ₤ 220 ( rate might differ– figure out more concerning restroom fitting prices).

Fitting your straight bathroom.

At Victoria Plum, you'll discover the majority of our straight baths are crafted from excellent quality, acrylic that's warm to the touch, as well as has exceptional impact and also scratch-resistance for fantastic durability.

The complying with video clip and also instructions are for fitting a straight bathroom:.

Below is how to fit a bathroom.

Step 1.

Put your bathroom on a level surface area.

Removing the installations box.

Action 2.

Remove the fittings box ( typically affixed to the bottom of the bathroom) and inspect you have all the parts.

Checking all elements.

Step 3.

It's best to get rid of the protective cardboard and plastic movie at this stage (although you can pick to maintain them in place up until you have actually fitted the legs, to help secure the bathroom). Check your bathroom very carefully for any damages and examine the colour match serves to your suite and also any panels.

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If you're miserable with your bathroom at this phase, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team making use of LiveChat right away (providing you acquired the bath from Victoria Plum). Any refixing costs, cases for wrong colour suit, and/or any other mistakes AFTER installation, will not be accepted.

Eliminating packaging.

Tip 4.

If the bathroom has handles, fit them now.

Attaching braces.

Tip 5.

Affix the brackets to the bottom of the bathroom and fix the legs right into the corresponding openings.

Dealing with bathroom legs.

Action 6.

Fit the centre leg bracket as well as the leg itself. You need to have every one of the legs at about the same height prior to standing the bath upright.

Examining legs are just the same elevation.

Step 7.

Location the bath versus the wall surface and check that it's level, readjusting the elevation of the legs as needed.

Useful hint: Take a couple of wooden battens up to 60mm large as well as stand the bath on these to aid protect your flooring. If laid on floorboards, these should be at 90 levels to the joists.

Checking the bathroom is level.

Step 8.

Move the bath away from the wall surface and also affix the wall taking care of braces sideways of the bath.

Connecting the wall dealing with braces.

Step 9.

It's now time to fit the bath taps. Have a look at our " exactly how to fit bathroom faucets" guide for guidelines.

Fitting bathroom faucets.

Step 10.

Secure the bathroom waste in place making use of the washing machines given. A slim grain of silicone can aid keep the seal watertight for longer.

Protecting the bath waste.

Action 11.

Repair the overflow right into position.

Dealing with the overflow in position.

Step 12.

Once fitted, position the bathroom versus the wall surface as well as safeguard it using the wall braces affixed previously.

Fix using the wall brackets.

Step 13.

Your bathroom is currently prepared to be plumbed in and secured. We encourage looking for the aid of a specialist for this.

Bath all set to be plumbed in as well as secured.

Congratulations, you've now fitted your straight bathroom.

Whilst DIY can be a excellent way to save time and money, you need to constantly employ a qualified expert to plumb as well as totally install your products. The directions over are simply a overview to suitable your new bath and shouldn't be used to attempt full pipes and also installation.

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If you desire to publish these directions off, see our printer-friendly variation below.

Position your bath on a level surface.

Eliminate the fittings box (usually connected to the bottom of the bath) and also check you have all the elements.

It's finest to eliminate the safety cardboard as well as plastic film at this phase (although you can select to maintain them in place up until you have actually fitted the legs, to aid shield the bathroom). Examine your bath meticulously for any kind of damages as well as examine the colour match serves to your collection and also any panels.

If the bath has deals with, fit them currently.

Connect the braces to the bottom of the bath as well as repair the legs right into the matching holes.

Fit the centre leg bracket and also the leg plumber edinburgh itself. You should have every one of the legs at about the very same elevation before standing the bathroom upright.

Location the bathroom against the wall surface as well as inspect that it's level, readjusting the height of the legs as necessary.

Relocate the bathroom far from the wall surface and also attach the wall surface taking care of braces to the side of the bathroom.

It's now time to fit the bath faucets.

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Protect the bath waste in place utilizing the washers supplied. A slim bead of silicone can assist maintain the seal watertight for longer.

Deal with the overflow right into position.

As soon as fitted, put the bath against the wall as well as safeguard it making use of the wall braces attached previously.

Your bathroom is now ready to be plumbed in and sealed. We advise seeking the help of a expert for this.

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